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June 11, 2016

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Executive Director Paul Cole


The theme for June is Home Business: It Starts with a Plan.

More people are choosing to market their skills and talents through home business. Home businesses take many forms ranging from service-oriented businesses such as child care to product-oriented businesses such as computer consulting. Regardless of which business venture you are hoping to embark on, a significant amount of planning is involved. The June edition of the MONEYWI$E newsletter outlines the elements of a business plan that will help to ensure a successful business.

Upcoming Events:


1st and 3rd Weekends of each month ­ 4 to 7 PM on Fridays and noon to 7 PM on Saturdays ­ visit the Smoke Dooctors for some of your favorite ribs and pulled pork! SO Good! Call Tony at 502-773-8336 and place your orders. Located at 2898 LaGrange Road, Smithfield, KY, 40068. "They treat the Hunger Pains!"

June 11, New Castle Patriotic Festival

Court House Square 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. (more info)

June 11, Smith Berry Winery

“Tymes Band” at the Winery. It will be a great evening with dinner, wine and listening to Soul and Classic Rock of the 60’s and 70’s. For more information and ticket purchases, call502-845-7091 or visit their website:

June 18, Campbellsburg Day, 11:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. 

(More info)

June 28, 6 pm Annual Chamber Dinner

The Chamber will hold its annual dinner and meeting June 28th at the Henry County Extension Building, where we will introduce our new board members, president and also present and vote on the 2016-2017 annual budget. Dinner will be catered by All the Way Shop and the cost is $20 per person!

The guest speaker will be Mr. Warren Beeler, the Director of Agriculture Marketing and Director of Animal Marketing from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA). Mr. Beeler is very well known and highly respected for his vast knowledge of the food and agricultural industry in Kentucky and is an excellent motivational speaker.

I would especially like to invite our new members to attend and get acquainted with the entire chamber. It should be a very enjoyable evening. Letters to members with more details are forthcoming. Invite a friend or neighbor, perhaps they are interested in joining the Chamber.  So please make plans to join us on Jun 28th. Reservations can be made with an RSVP and payment to the Chamber.

June 17, Relay for Life

7 P.M. to 1 A.M. at the Henry County High School - please go out support this very worthy cause!

Now through August 1st

Author Nana Lampton will have her paintings on display through August 1, 2016, at the Berry Center, 129 S. Main Street, New Castle, KY.

MONEYWI$E Monthly Newsletter The theme for July is “Buying in Bulk: What You Need to Know.” Bulk buying can save you and your family valuable money. However, when done incorrectly, bulk buying has the potential to cost you money. Buying in bulk requires careful planning and budgeting to guarantee that you are getting the best savings while avoiding waste. MoneyWise7-2016.pdf


Welcome our Newest Chamber member!

Gilkison Construction

Gilkison Real Estate

Affordable Signs and

18 Main Street

--Paul Cole


Chamber Ambassadors

The Board approved our working toward a way to help you get to know other chamber members and also help keep information flowing. We plan to start an Ambassador’s Club with interested volunteers, adjusting the ideas to fit our smaller organization.

The only requirement to be a Chamber Ambassador is that you be a employee or owner of a business in good standing with the Chamber or be an associate member and want to expand your knowledge of our business community. There are numerous ways to take part in this program. [[MORE ABOUT THIS PROGRAM ]] This gives you an opportunity to meet other chamber members, discuss ideas and problems in common, and strengthen both your business and the chamber.

Polly Troxell, Outstanding Citizen
Polly Troxell,
Outstanding Citizen

Pat and Lloyd Gray
Pat and Lloyd Gray
Outstanding Farmers.

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Interested in knowing all the stats on Henry County?? Check this amazing site out!
Just select for Henry County Kentucky or whatever community or state.

If your business can benefit from our (Check) Henry County First campaign to keep money in Henry County, call the office to be a member. It costs the business nothing, and when a certificate is used in your business, let the Chamber know and a check is written for the amount of the certificate. We all win because that money stayed in Henry County. We have 15 retail businesses listed now, and we certainly could use more.

Maintaining your membership in the Chamber not only helps you, but it helps the entire community. If there were no chamber, businesses would have no unified voice to promote the county and its resources. Our executive director goes outside the county to meetings and events to promote Henry County. It is another arm to make sure Henry County stays successful.

Henry County Profiles

bullet Ag and Food Profiles for Henry County
bullet Economic Profiles for Henry County
bullet Health Care Profiles for Henry County
bullet Retail Profiles for Henry County

Above are links to some interesting information on Henry County that were prepared by our Extension Community and Economic Development Initiative. They suggested that the data would be of interest to many community leaders.

Maryellen Garrison
Henry County Extension Agent


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