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The Henry County Chamber of Commerce and the Henry County Historical Society bring to life the history of our county through a beautiful pictorial book. This book is published by Lanham Media Service (who was the graphic designer of both the Henry County Relocation Book and the Henry County map).

The book includes pictures of people, places and memorabilia; also it looks at our cities, towns and villages as they were in the past. Lanham Media has retouched the pictures used in the book and printed in a duotone, giving the historical look to the entire publication.

A wonderful addition to the book is inclusion of photos of memorabilia that would relate to the various sections. For example, if the topic is Eminence, and a person has a keepsake that relates to that area, a photo of the item has been placed on the page with that reference.

This will be a true heirloom for future generations.  We will have 1000 copies (limited first edition) to sell.

The Henry County Local did a small book of this type in 1994, and it was so popular that it sold out and no more copies are available. Many people have seen it since that time and are so disappointed that it is not longer available. The new book is larger and has approximately 200 photos along with information about the history of our communities.

Price w/ sales tax and S&H = $58.00


The Henry County Chamber of Commerce is proud to help preserve an important part of Henry County's heritage through the compilation of this cookbook.  Passing down family recipes is a tradition that pieces together many generations.  It is a link to the past that is worth preserving.  Sharing Henry County's Heritage, with it's instructions for good, down-home cooking will help us keep our heritage intact.  124 pages.

Price w/ sales tax and S&H = $13.10

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